Surfroam: Review and Setup – the Travel Data SIM Card

I hardly ever write a review, but I’ve found Surfroam to be super impressive for my travels, particularly when you’re data connection dependent and need to receive and send on the go. Deserves some attention.

Surfroam is a new company providing a `Roaming SIM` for travellers. Their rates a extremely competitive in comparison to local data providers. Ease of use has been remarkable.

I’m travelling with a OnePlus 7 and have been dual SIMing with Surfroam for my data setup. Essentially this is a tandem card setup with my local domestic SIM. In this post I’ll show my configuration, something notable was the creation of a Custom APN, but after that the SIM has worked great.


To get SIM you’ll need to order it from the website:

The SIM card will arrive in the post already holding credit. It’ll have an accompanying details card.

To check how much credit you have on the card you’ll need to use two numbers on the card provided: (a) SIM / eSIM number and the (b) SIM PUK code. On the card the large number was the SIM Number (8-digits).

To top-up the SIM card you simply need to visit the top-up page and provide details of the SIM number (a) that you’re using and the (b) PUK.


The only setup necessary for the data connection is the addition of a globaldata APN. Create a new APN with:

name: globaldata
apn: globaldata

Select this APN as your default. Surfroam SIM should be set as the default SIM used for the data connection. You should now be ready to go.

I’ve found the service amazing and the rates for Surfroam are even competitive with normal data rates in certain countries – the local SIM cards compared. An example is Canada where data rates are extremely expensive even for pay as you go services.