Shortest Path Traveller

The SHoRTeST website is available at:

This is a basic application for providing the fastest route to see major attractions in a city. If you have limited time and want to optimise your travel through a city to see as much as possible in the shortest distance, then Shortest can help you do that. The visualisation on the left is the TSP travel map, with each marker being clickable if you’d like to see the place at that location. Similarly the list on the right is the suggested loop with ordered travel. I’ll be adding cities as time progresses so check in again if you find yourself somewhere.

The Travelling Salesman Problem (TSP) is a common problem raised in day to day operations for many companies. Furthermore TSP is used for many problems where optimisation can save time and money. For example, your typical delivery company will often use TSP to determine or optimise routing for deliveries.